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Company History


The Living Canvas was born in Deep River, Ontario in 1999 when I began to paint one-of-a-kind clothing for my children. Others, intrigued by my creations, began to inquire about custom clothing for their own children and my first orders were placed. As my business grew, I progressed to painting mostly flowers on women's clothing and started to take my creations on the road selling at pop-up art shows around my immediate area.

Not liking the lack in durability of paints, I studied dyes with the use of books and a couple of “hands-on” courses. The dyes opened up a wider range of colours and allowed me to develop any colour I needed to complete the artwork.

I soon tired of the amount of inventory needed to do road shows selling women's clothing so I decided to apply my dye techniques to an accessory not linked to sizing and came up with scarves. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Working on a flat, symmetrical piece of fabric, I have been able to advance my dyeing creativity tremendously over the years and have become an expert in the technique of sun dyeing. For the last 15 years I have concentrated on perfecting all my various dye techniques and sell my work all over Ontario.

About Me

Laura resides in the Ottawa Valley within close proximity to the eastern border of majestic Algonquin Park. Working as a fibre artist since 1999, Laura has learned over the years how to push her paints and dyes to their limit, making them perform under conditions not always intend for their use. Largely self-taught through experimentation, research and happy “accidents” Laura has developed a line of sun and ice dyed silk scarves that will stand up to everyday wear and carefree washing.


Laura finds both solace and fulfillment gathering botanicals from the extensive gardens around her house and surrounding area to capture in her sun dyed line of fabrics and scarves. During the long cold winters in North Eastern Ontario she turns to ice and snow as mediums for her ice dyed creations.


Laura works with paints and dyes, and fibre so that she can capture the two things she loves most in art, vibrant colours and nature. On hot, sunny days Laura can be found outside in her extensive gardens, capturing the beauty of botanicals in sun dying.

Laura’s art is driven by her determination to learn new things and her inner need to be challenged. She shares her life and love of art with her best friend and partner Murray as they travel around the country together doing art shows.

Artist creating a Sun Dyed Silk Scarf
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